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Feb 15

[P.3] From Declamations to Original Masterpieces

By Patrick C. Ames | Classroom Updates

The week has quickly passed, and the class is now pressing close to the midway point of the third quarter. In the past three weeks, we have studied both the elements of making meaning and the essence of an excellent delivery. Thus, at this point in the class, students should realize that speaking before an audience is a privilege and that how an idea is expressed is equally as important as that which is being conveyed.Last week, students began sharing their declamations.…

Oct 19

[A/B] In the Midst of Transit Transition

By Patrick C. Ames | Classroom Updates

Classes that extend throughout the entire year do not have midterms. This is due to a schedule that rotates every other day.So as many students at Phillip O. Berry Academy prepare for midterms - racing toward the second half of the semester - my students will be transitioning into the second portion of the first quarter.In order to bring this section of the year to a close, we finished the first nine weeks with an exam on chapters one through four of Speech, and we will continue to present our Organized Speeches as we move further into the content of the first quarter.​​…

Sep 28

[P.1] 50+ Speaking Opportunities

By Patrick C. Ames | Classroom Updates

We are quickly approaching the completion of the first nine weeks, and the speech and debate class has begun to move into "fast gear."In this week alone there were over 50 speaking opportunities: lead roles, participating roles, and formal speeches.As the year continues to progress, students will begin taking on greater and greater responsibility to lead the class.…