About: Patrick C. Ames

I am the creator and thought-leader behind iLearn Community. In 2003, I began my formal education at Old Dominion University. Although I had plenty of experience in science and various technical fields, I realized that I enjoyed helping students grapple with language and ideas in order to better understand the world and their place within it. It is for this reason that I made the decision to become an English teacher.

I graduated ODU  with my degree in English and with highest Latin distinction: summa cum laude. Upon graduation, I began my teaching career. Since 2007, I have taught within both alternative and advanced placement programs. I have also taught a large swath of curriculum: Advanced Placement Literature, Advanced Placement Language, British Literature, American Literature, World Literature, Literature and Film, Geometry, Technical Math, and Physical Science.

Most importantly, I have had the privilege of having a positive impact on innumerable students, and their testimonies of how I changed their lives for the better has made me appreciate the gravity of my career. And at my core, I have been motivated by the teachers who changed and improved my life for the better. Consequently, my vision has always been and will always be focused on empowering students to live to their fullest potential and the zenith of their grandest dreams.