iLearn Community is designed to provide an answer to the teacher’s 24-hour dilemma: how to find more daylight in the day. For most educators, there is never enough time in the day. Hours evaporate like mist on a hot, scorching, brutally dry day. In order to provide relief to this scenario, it is essential to meld best teaching practices with the implementation of powerful technology platforms.

iLearn Community is therefore dedicated to providing an online, learning community that is:

  • impassioned – equipping passionate educators with the knowledge and technology to impact student learning.
  • intelligent – seeking smarter ways to educate students by melding technology with effective pedagogical practices.
  • innovative – pursuing the best researched practices, methods, and tools for effective instructional delivery.

As an educator, my passion is to unite teachers and students with quality, online learning opportunities that are affordable. In the world’s current economic conditions, classrooms continue to increase in size while teacher resources tend to decrease. My desire is to provide teachers with a technological advantage to overcome the extraordinary demands placed upon their time and energy. It is by responding to each teacher’s plight – the need for time, technology, and resources – that iLearn Community strives to provide students with great educational experiences.

It is to this end that iLearn Community exists: to ensure academic excellence in the classroom via the wise implementation of Internet technologies.