[A/B] Logical Trust – An Argument for Debate

By Patrick C. Ames | Classroom Updates

Mar 01

Students have begun the first step in their journey toward debate - that step is in learning that debate is more than just a spewing of opinion. It is a logical progression of thought. It requires intense listening. Above all, it requires an honest deliberation and exchange of ideas, beliefs, values, and assumptions.

During the past week, we engaged a framework for the importance of debate: it is not a fight (which is only concerned with winning); rather, it is a leadership opportunity to offer guidance and direction through the art of persuasion.

Games are not life, but they may provide a beautiful microcosom of it. In order to appreciate the moral power and ethical advantages of debate, we analyzed the game show "Golden Balls."  Through the lens of this  British game show, we discussed the moral implications of debate and the leadership qualities inherent in such skills. ​

Logical Trust

To completely understand the video below, it is best to first listen to "The Golden Rule" broadcast.

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