[P.3] Ice Breakers, Declamations, Impromptu, Oh My!?

By Patrick C. Ames | Classroom Updates

Feb 01

For me, learning is a sprint and not a stroll (although there are times when we must meander and bask in the process). My goal is to glean as much learning, as humanly possibly, from every moment. Students have, therefore, metaphorically "stepped up to the mic." We have been busy during the past seven days and have accomplished the following:

  • students learned how to analyze a text via the analytical arrow
  • students considered how meaning is created by analyzing the poems "Things," and "Words"
  • students further considered how meaning is created by analyzing the essays "Projecting Meaning" and "The Day Language Came Into My Life"
  • every student completed his/her first speech (a 1 min - 2 min ice breaker)
  • about one third of students have given their first impromptu speech
  • students considered the ideas of Megan Washington and the importance of being authentic while speaking
  • students analyzed declamations by Noah Eisenfelder, Erin Walsh, and Kelon Williams
  • students are preparing their first declamation and completing chapter one of Speech

During the next week, the class will be focusing on the elements of delivery: what techniques are necessary in delivering a great speech. This will serve to help students perform their declamations at the beginning of the following week.

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