[A/B] TEDx – Presentations with Power(Point, Prezi, Google, etc.)

By Patrick C. Ames | Classroom Updates

Feb 01

The new semester has begun, and we are deep into our next set of speeches. Last week we began our TEDx speeches, an idea that was born out of a SkillShare developed by Simon Sinek.

At the heart of every TED Talk is a giving attitude designed to either persuade the audience to think and believe differently or inspire the audience to go further and take action upon the ideas of the given speech.

Many of TED speakers use PowerPoint (or an equivalent variation​) to supplement their content. Students will therefore be required to do the same: design a 4 - 6 minute speech in which the content of the speech (either persuasive or inspirational) is appropriately supplemented by an electronic presentation.

The goal of this presentation is to strive for transference. People know the rules of PowerPoint, but most fail to follow those rules; thus, students will be required to transfer the skills they have currently acquired from the class and apply those skills to a well thought-out presentation in order to avoid "Death by PowerPoint."​

Death by PowerPoint​

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