[A/B] The Art of Debate – Define, Defend, Deliver

By Patrick C. Ames | Classroom Updates

Feb 15

Students have completed their TEDx presentations, enhancing the delivery of their ideas by melding their content with digital media.

Students are now ready to take the next step - rather than share their ideas, they will now have to defend them. This is an important step. It requires students to compete against one another. The act of speaking will be more than just a grade or a competition against self; the act of speaking will result in winners and losers.

The class will enter into debate by focusing on Lincoln-Douglas debate. It is a debate of ethics, whether something is right or wrong, good or bad, just or unjust, etc. Students will be challenged to consider the moral and ethical consequences within a decision, and as they think through the ethical aspects of life, they will begin to scrutinize and refine their own moral codes.​

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