Midterms and Finals

By Patrick C. Ames | Classroom Updates

Jan 11

With a wonderful holiday break behind us and a week of review "under our belts," the midterm and final exam are finally upon us.

If your child is in an A/B Day class, then he or she will take a midterm, and if your child is in a one semester class, then he or she will take a final exam.

The test is a culmination of two parts - half of the exam is based on speaking and the other half is based on written knowledge. All students have completed the speaking portion of their exams - a one to two minute impromptu speech. Beginning Tuesday, students will start taking their written exams. In Speech and Debate, that portion of the exam will be based upon various chapters from the speech textbook.

I encourage all students to spend time reviewing for the exam by looking over previously read chapters or reviewing past quizzes. As always, I wish every student the best of success.​

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