One Week Before We Break for The Holidays

By Patrick C. Ames | Classroom Updates

Dec 14

The days have turned into weeks, and now, after a restful Thanksgiving break, we have one week until the long holiday break.

As I've stated in my previous two posts, the interim period between Thanksgiving and Christmas (or any other holiday you may celebrate at this time of year) is extremely difficult for some students. ​Some students are academically unprepared for the "seasonal change" from school to vacation and back to school. As I've stated on numerous occasions, if a student has not resolved his or her academic and attendance issues prior to the holiday break, then those issues are unlikely to be resolved.

One Semester: Social Media and Lincoln-Douglas

In support of P.O.B.'s STEM Night, the class has completed speeches on social media, using PowerPoint and other visual aids to explain the benefits and dangers of social media. Students have also explored the differences between various types of social media. These speeches will be completed this week (there are only a handful of speakers who remain).

As the class comes to a close, we will briefly explore the importance and method of debate, focusing primarily on Lincoln-Douglas and spar debate. The year has gone amazingly quick, with over 300 formal speeches and innumerable informal, impromptu speeches. I am looking forward to finishing this semester strong as each student applies their speaking skills to the field and focus of debate.​

A-Day/B-Day: Dynamic Discussion

There are a small number of students that need to complete their dramatic interpretation pieces. And, as we bring this nine weeks to a close, we will begin to focus on group discussion. This focus is in preparation for debate - after we are able to appreciate the dynamic experience of group discussions will we then be more effective at the clash of debate.

Most significant is that, aside from their dramatic interpretations and finishing the first three episodes of Black. White., students will begin to prepare for their mid-terms. The exam will consist of two parts: half of the exam will be based upon an impromptu speech, and the other half will be based on previously read chapters from the textbook, Speech.​ Students should review previous quizzes and look over previously assigned chapters in order to prepare for their semester mid-term.

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