Staying Alert Through the Holiday Cheer

By Patrick C. Ames | Classroom Updates

Nov 30

Classes are now poised between the most exciting and the most difficult time of the year - they are poised between vacations.

This is by far the favorite time of the year for most students. The anticipation of the upcoming New Year (and an upcoming respite from school) is palpable.

More often than not, I see too many students lose sight of their academic aspirations in the anticipation of the holiday cheer. I want to therefore encourage all parents to stay alert and to help their child(ren) to do the same.

We have three weeks until the holiday break. After we return from this break, we typically have one week of review prior to exams - then we have exams. This is important: if students have not rectified their absences and improved their grades prior to the holiday break, then it is extremely unlikely that they will have the time to make the improvement/change when they return to school.

Please make sure your child is completing his/her assignments and doing the work that must be done prior to the two week holiday.​

Just a simple update: my period one class has completed its TEDx Talks and will begin preparing to engage in Lincoln-Douglas debate; my A-Day/B-Day classes are preparing to being their ​oratorical interpretations, and these classes will continue to engage in group discussions on the film Black. White.

It is a joy and privilege to teach and to observe the growth and development in all my students. Thank you to each parent who co-labors with me in his/her child's education. I appreciate your help as we all stay alert during the holiday cheer.

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