[P.1] TEDx: Real World Context

By Patrick C. Ames | Classroom Updates

Nov 08

This week has been the ultimate "real world application" of all that your children have learned over the past eleven weeks.

This is because each student is preparing a TEDx Talk for a contest sponsored by Simon Sinek. This especially significant because students were challenged to consider their purpose - their "Why" - the first week of school via Sinek's TED Talk. Ten weeks later, Simon Sinek is once again challenging my students to think both creatively and divergently as they prepare their TEDx talk in response to his SkillShare.

​This activity is, therefore, more than just a "real world" project - it is the culmination of a challenge extended to each child to speak with purpose as they find their purpose and connect it to a larger, more universal, humanity.

In helping each of us to connect our own individuality into the interconnections of a larger humanity, we have also begun an exploration into race, using the documentary Black. White. as an anchor text into​ the complexities of race in America. The group discussions surrounding these videos and other supplemental texts allow for the class to experience the dynamic nature of group engagement, and this dynamic experience is essential before entering into the clash of debate.

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