[A/B] The Human Condition: Interpreting with Everything

By Patrick C. Ames | Classroom Updates

Nov 08

The telling of a good story takes more than astounding, descriptive details - it requires the speaker to "throw" his/her entire being into the story - heart, soul, voice, purposeful movement, essential eye contact, etcetera. Your children have are practicing and preparing in order to do just this: throw their whole being into an interpretive speech.

Last week most students completed their first original oratory, and in an effort to further improve stage presence, your children have selected a fictive work - literature, poetry, or film - in order to recreate the piece through their own interpretive lens and abilities.

It is worth sharing the dramatic/duo pieces that have been used in preparation for this task:​

As the above examples demonstrate, these speeches provide more than merely opportunities to improve in stage presence - these speeches allow us to improve as people who tap into a deeper part of humanity in order to tell it and show it to others.

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