[P.1] Unlocking Academic Excellence Through Scary Stories

By Patrick C. Ames | Classroom Updates

Oct 11

Students have recently completed their Organized Speech in which they shared stories of their past, visions of their future, or wisdom for today.

This week we not only completed our Organized Speeches, we also began a unit in story telling. Although I am not a big Halloween person, I do enjoy a good scary story (especially around a campfire).

In the spirit of the classic campfire-scary-story, students will unlock their story telling talents.

In preparation for this, we have studied various dramatic interpretation and duo interpretation pieces.

Students will use the skills they have gleaned from their previous speaking assignments - Declamation and Organized Speech - in order to tell a scary story. They have the choice as to whether they tell a story that has already been written or write their own, and they have the choice as to whether they unlock the class' imagination on their own or with a partner.

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