[P.1] The Second Half and a Nine Week Vision

By Patrick C. Ames | Classroom Updates

Oct 26

Your children - my students - have made tremendous growth in their public speaking skills during this nine weeks. The question therefore "begs to be asked": what is next?

I want to answer that question by stating a primary concern: students need communication skills.​ The ability to communicate is not limited to speaking before an audience or debating a person on the moral attributes of a policy, practice, or position.

Speech and debate our skills that must transcend the classroom and the halls of academia. The skills your students are receiving will only be beneficial to them if they permeate every aspect of ordinary life.

Too often I see students who can speak well in front of a class but are unable or unwilling to talk their way out of a fight when they are fronted by another person. Too often I see students who acknowledge the power of words but under utilize that power or deny it outright.​

So, what is next? My goal is to see the skills your students develop in this class change their lives by helping them to speak effectively in the daily grind of life. To do this, we will focus on:​

  • Focusing on group discussions
  • Practicing Lincoln-Douglas/Spar Debate
  • Develop and present a business idea or product

The above three goals are lofty, and within those goals will be various mini-lessons on other topics pertaining to speech and debate, but the goal is that every student is more than a better speaker - the goal is that every student is a great leader.

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