[A/B] The End of the First Quarter (Moving Toward the Second Half)

By Patrick C. Ames | Classroom Updates

Oct 26

Your children - my students - have spent approximately twenty-two days in Speech and Debate, they have completed a minimum of three speeches, and are currently in the process of finishing their fourth. As we move into the second quarter, the question begs to be asked, "What is next?"

The answer to that question is predicated on a simple objective: make students more than just great public speakers - make them great leaders in all venues of their daily lives.​

In order to achieve this objective, their will be three primary goals that I will pursue throughout the school year:

  1. Improve students' capacity to engage in group discussions (and not just participate)
  2. Teach students how to persuade with words (and not fight with words)
  3. Train students to develop a business, product, and service that they will then market (and not just keep good ideas to themselves)​

These three goals are extremely simple but the execution will be complex. In the end, I believe there is an important academic hierarchy to how these goals and skills develop, and I look forward to the onward development of leadership, within each student, that will make these goals a reality.

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