The Silent Messaging of Non-Verbals

By Patrick C. Ames | Classroom Updates

Sep 13

Students are preparing to give their declamation speeches. The focus for this week has therefore been on non-verbals (the silent messages that we all communicate).

Interestingly enough, it is the silent messages of non-verbal communication that accounts for the greatest portion of our expression. It also is subconsciously given greater value than the spoken word - people want to see the action behind the word.

Week three of instruction has been focused upon this very concept. [As an aside, the one semester class is now approximately one full week ahead of A-Day / B-Day. From this point onward, the two classes will begin to look different; consequently, all future posts will be individualized for each perspective class.]

Week Three in Review (Semester Class)

All students have been issued the textbook Speech, and your children are completing chapter four in the textbook, "Nonverbal Communication."

Given the content of the chapter, we have considered and studied the following:

Week Three in Review (A-Day/B-Day)​

The A-Day/B-Day class has currently completed week two of the one semester class, and they are currently preparing to begin the above material in the upcoming week.

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