What Does It Mean?!

By Patrick C. Ames | Classroom Updates

Sep 06

Week two is complete. Monday is day ten of the school year; with approximately 45 days in each quarter (and half that time for A-Day/B-Day classes), the first nine-week period is nearly one-tenth of the way complete.

Week Two in Review (Semester Class)

In class, your children have begun giving mini-impromptu speeches. We are using questions from Garry Poole's "The Complete Book of Questions" in order to generate table topic prompts. This skill ​is essential in helping students to develop the ability to "think on their feet" in interviews and conversations.

In specific, we have reviewed and studied the following:

Week Two in Review (A-Day/B-Day)

The A-Day/B-Day classes are currently 3 days behind my one semester class (which is to be expected). Your children have just begun to read "The Day Language Came Into My Life," by Helen Keller. In the upcoming week they will begin reviewing the various parts of the rhetorical triangle and start their analysis of "Cinderella's Stepsisters," by Toni Morrison. ​

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