Let the Speeches Begin

By Patrick C. Ames | Classroom Updates

Sep 20

Period 1

​There has been enough preparation and work toward a common understanding of speech and debate that the class is now on the cusp of starting a new journey: your children are preparing to become professional speakers. After several weeks of table topics and literary analysis, each student will now begin applying his and her knowledge toward communicating ideas, values, and stories that each one holds dear.

In preparation for this new journey into public speaking, students completed the following:

  • students completed various activities to focus on developing nonverbal communication (i.e. discussed the visual cues in Lambert and practiced "speaking" through charades)
  • students analyzed and discussed Steve Jobs' Stanford commencement speech
  • students practiced their declamations


The A/B-Day classes are likewise on the cusp of beginning a new journey. Next week they will also begin to apply their speaking and analytical skills to communicate their ideas, values, and experiences in a public forum. In preparation for this endeavor, students have completed the following:

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