Education is the Art of Applesauce

By Patrick C. Ames | Poetry

Jun 07

Education is the art of applesauce:
it’s the art of feeding a human
race with knowledge — providing
sustenance to the humanity
gumming it in life, chewing
with vigor for some morsel of
hope, faith, or love.

It’s the art of those who boast
in the life of another — people who
invest in the voice of a child,
a friend, or an elder. It is a selfless
articulation rippling silently through society.

Wonderful sunshine bathing the world
in the familiar Vitamin D-yellow-hum of another day.
Education is like this: quiet, common, ritual — expected and taken
for granted like the air that fills the human bellows. It’s the warmth
and beam of a smile and the glee of an “I”
blind to the dark.

Education is a passion more than a profession
having something to do with tender care — the formula
for an infant or mushed food for the feeble —
satisfaction from nourishing another soul. It’s
about the drool and the mess and the play
and the clean-up: the toothless grin on
a food-filthy-face and the gratification in the unsaid
thank you…

It’s best to see it in the ordinary — and to know
you may never see the seed grow
to maturity.

About the Author the creator of iLearn Community and an educator whose sole purpose is to empower students to achieve their fullest potential so that they may arrive at the zenith of their grandest dreams.