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Transportation Metaphors and Other Considerations


Language is a transportation machine. It gets people where they want to go and to places where they've never been. It collapses the distance between an idea and an individual; it’s the highway of all dialog, all thought, all emotion, all truth, and all perception. As an English teacher, my goal is to educate your child about the vehicle of language and license him or her to drive the machine comfortably, confidently, and competently.

To that end, this website is designed to provide you insights into who I am as a teacher, tools for co-laboring in your child's education, and contact information to reach me with any questions.​

I consider it a true privilege to educate your child, and I look forward to traveling the road ahead of us. In the words of Robert Forst, quite possibly... it will be "the road less traveled."

  P.O.B. Instructional Insights

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Phillip O. Berry Academy - 1430 Alleghany Street - Charlotte, NC 28208

phone: (980) 343-5992 - e-mail:


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World Literature: @pob-10

Speech and Debate I (3A): @pob-3a

Speech and Debate II-IV (3B): @pob-3b

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